Jamey Johnson is one of the most highly regarded and well-liked country musicians of his time. Johnson grew up in Alabama and, despite the fact that he’s clearly a talented artist, he has largely shirked his fame to stay true to his roots. Johnson is now 40 years old and has five studio albums under his belt. Here, we present our list of the five best Jamey Johnson songs for fans of country music. So, what are y’all waiting for? Check it out for yourself below!

 Number Five: High Cost of Living

One of his darker numbers, Johnson’s “High Cost of Living” is both profound and catchy. The song is featured on Johnson’s 2008 album titled That Lonesome Song and was a harbinger of his success. Rolling Stone ranked the song on their list of the top 40 songs of 2008, and it earned Johnson a Grammy nod as well. The song centers around the struggles of being an addict.

Number Four: Stars in Alabama

An ode to his home, “Stars in Alabama” incites nostalgia – even for people who have never been there! The song was co-written with Teddy Gentry and was actually inspired by Johnson’s own mother. It’s no secret that Johnson’s roots are in Alabama – he lived the first 25 years of his life there – and this song is a celebration of that fact.

Number Three: Dreaming My Dreams With You

The only cover on this list, Johnson’s rendition of Waylon Jenning’s “Dreaming My Dreams With You” is beyond stellar. The song portrays Johnson at his best – soulful, smooth, traditional, and unmistakably country.

Number Two: Macon

Second on our list of the five best Jamey Johnson songs is “Macon.” Though it was never released as a single, it has all of the characteristics of one and is remarkably catchy without being gimmicky. The song centers on the story of a man who’s trying to get home to where his true love is – and many of us can relate to that!

Number One: Jamey Johnson’s Biggest Hit – In Color

Would you expect anything other than “In Color” in our number one spot? The song is not only Johnson’s most popular, but it’s also got a rich story behind it. The song developed after Johnson realized that his generation was the first to transition from black and white to color photography. While his parents’ and grandparents’ generations had black and white photos in their albums, his generation had color ones. “In Color” focuses on this transition – specifically about a young boy looking at old photos of his grandfather – and inspires notes of nostalgia unmatched by any other artist in the industry. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top five Jamey Johnson songs!

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